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We shape client's visions into unique stories & campaigns that are compelling, competitive and long lasting

Our goal is to create a powerful connection between a brand and its targeted audience, as well as produce an enduring story that will be integrated across print, broadcast and digital media.

Our team consists of experienced publicists,  journalists, and social media gurus who have placed hundreds of client’s stories in a wide array of media platforms and know what it takes to catch a reporter’s eye.

Our understanding of dynamic cultural landscape enables us to maintain powerful relationships with writers, editors, producers and the rising generation of new media influencers who give STORM’s clients an edge over other brands.


Eva Nakvosas - Co-Founder of STORM PR

Eva Nakvosas

Founder of STORM PR

Eva is a Founder of STORM PR, based in Chicago. As a publicist, she has placed her clients in national publications, top rated morning shows and on the covers of dozens of magazines.

She has a unique capability for recognizing her client’s needs and identifying the perfect platform to get every brand the right publicity. Drawing on her background in writing and politics, she doesn’t simply view public relations as a one size fits all solution.

Her forward-thinking strategies and vast knowledge of current events and trends allow her to generate buzz between businesses and their target audiences on print, broadcast and digital media.


We do
brand consulting

  • Brand Consulting

    We work closely with our clients and their internal team to create a recognizable brand image and identity. We start by making both long and short terms goals to design a media plan of action that will make your business stand out in the public realm.

  • Events

    From coming up with a theme and venue to finding sponsors for an event, we assist our clients through every phase of event production. We help to organize a bespoke event that reflects your vision and brand. Our services range from curating VIP guest lists, sending out invitations and of course, ensuring the right media coverage.

  • Media-relations

    By pre-interviewing key people within each company we work with, we are able to architect media strategies based on every brand’s unique needs. Our in-depth understanding of each client helps us to find a clear focus, audience, and publication for each story.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Cross-promotions and collaborations can instantly increase your brand’s awareness. Our job is to recommend key influencers that can boost your company’s digital presence by mentioning or showing your product to your ideal target audience.

  • Content Creation

    We put it into words, so you don't have to. From general copywriting to creative blog entries, our team of writers will make sure your desired message is clearly delivered to the public.

  • Image Management

    Your image as an artist, executive or entrepreneur is essential to your company’s success. We equip our clients with the tools they need to create a strong and lasting public image that accurately represents their brand. We provide in-house media training, consultations on photo/speaking opportunities and celebrity outreach to ensure our client’s image is unparalleled.

We do brand consulting

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